Finally! A compostable insulation cold-shipping solution that is affordable and can outperform molded EPS (Styrofoam).

Vericool, Inc. is changing how companies ship temperature sensitive products 24-96 hours.

What is a Vericooler?

What is a Vericooler Plus?

Vericoolers are just as efficient as Molded EPS

Tests prove that Vericoolers' patented technology performs just as well as molded EPS. We perform testing to your standards, ASTM, and ISTA standards.

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Benefits for Businesses

We make life easier for the medical and food industry along with other companies that use temperature controlled packaging. Our Project Directors are cold chain specialist and have a depth of knowledge in overall packaging. They are experts at providing solutions that will help your company run more efficiently when utilizing the services we provide. From our pre-conditioning fulfillment services to our onsite inventory control management, we have pushed the envelope to ensure our customers never again look at cold chain packaging the same.

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Biotech, Pharma, Genomics, Life Sciences


Pre-Conditioned Services

Stock Packaging and Custom Solutions

We keep common Vericooler sizes in-stock and ready to deliver when you need them. We also provide full customization for customers who require specific cold-shipping container sizes.

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