Vericool Breaks the EPS/Styrofoam Mold with Launch of Sustainable, Low-Cost, High-Performance Cold-Chain Packaging for Food Kit and Pharma Industries

"Recyclapostable" Vericoolers on Display at #PackExpo


Livermore, CA – September 20, 2017 – In its mission to radically eliminate the destructive environmental impact of EPS/Styrofoam packaging materials, Vericool announced today that it has launched an expanded line of its patents-pending Vericoolers®, providing sustainable, low-cost, high-performance, and safe thermal packaging for the pharma, life sciences and food kit/meal subscription industries. This first-of-its recyclapostable packaging- compostable insulation and recyclable coolers – will debut at PackExpo, September 25-27 in Las Vegas.

“A company’s product should be its legacy – not its packaging pollution. EPS/Styrofoam is not responsible, not sustainable and not safe – it is the dinosaur of the packaging industry,” said Darrell Jobe, CEO of Vericool. “It’s time for a change and our Vericoolers are defining the future of sustainable cold chain packaging – today.”

For 60 years, EPS/Styrofoam – the branded name for expanded polystyrene (EPS) – coolers have provided a cheap and easy way to keep products cold, but that convenience has come at a major environmental cost. Each year, millions of pounds of EPS are dumped into landfills and end up in marine ways—polluting the environment and jeopardizing the wellbeing of people and wildlife. Now, lawmakers around the world are banning its use. Businesses and consumers want sustainable packaging that makes financial and environmental sense.

Pharma and Bio/Life Sciences

For the pharmaceutical, life and bio sciences and animal health industries, Vericoolers reduce risk by keeping medicines, vaccines and biological products cold up to the critical 96-hour range and by dramatically reducing the industries’ reliance on EPS/Styrofoam.

“Experts say that EPS/Styrofoam has a detrimental impact on health – and pharmaceutical companies are beginning to recognize they can’t continue to ship their life-saving medicines in materials that harm the environment,” continued Jobe. “Cold chain shipping logistics are complex and shipment demand is growing. Recyclapostable Vericoolers keep both products and people safe and will immediately improve a company’s environmental footprint by reducing its packaging footprint.”

Food Kit and Meal Subscription

Temperature control and consumer safety are recognized issues for the fast-growing food kit and meal subscription industry. According to a recent study by Rutgers on the safety challenges the food kit industry faces, nearly 47 percent of 684 meal/food kit items ordered by researchers arrived with surface temperatures above 40 degrees, rendering them unsafe to consume.

With customizable Vericooler III’s made from molded Plant Fibre, the industry can now ensure that their products stay cold from packaging to receipt in a way that makes both financial and environmental sense.

“There is absolutely no reason to risk the health of your customers by shipping meals in unproven and flawed packages,” remarked Jobe. “We’re working with companies that understand that sustainable Vericool packaging keeps food products at safe temperatures and that packaging is important part of the customer experience.”

Vericool’s full line of recyclapostable Vericoolers will be shown at #PackExpo at booth numbers N-640 and S-8403. To schedule a meeting at #PackExpo September 25-27, contact Darrell Jobe at

To learn more about the differences between EPS/Styrofoam and Vericool packaging, watch this video.

About Vericool, Inc.

Based in Livermore, Calif., Vericool delivers sustainable packaging that protects products, people and the planet. RecyclapostableTM – recyclable and compostable - Vericoolers® are the only high performing 100% compostable insulation and recyclable cold chain packaging in the market, making them the safest replacement for Styrofoam. Patented and patent-pending Vericoolers are cost-effective and reliable, ensuring that food, medicines and other temperature sensitive products stay cool from packaging to receipt. Customizable and high-performing, Vericoolers can perform to customer-defined ASTM and ISTA standards.

Vericool is all about delivering second chances for people and companies to do the right thing for the planet. Those that get it—Vericooler it.

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