Business Services


We specialize in engineering customized Vericoolers for your specific needs. This ensures maximum performance and efficiency based on product payload, pack out instructions, palletizing configurations and shipping profile.


Make Vericool's warehouse your warehouse. Utilize your floor for what it was intended for.

Inventory Control

We can customize inventory control processes where your local account manager does inventory weekly, bi-weekly or daily. We'll create a min-max program at the customer site, as well as at Vericool's manufacturing location. Our goal is to ensure that you always have product available to ship, without impacting your warehouse floor.

Next Day Delivery

We pride ourselves on making next-day deliveries for local customers, just in time for your product to ship out.

Pre-Conditioned Services

Allow Vericool to be your one-stop preconditioned fulfilment house. We specialize in ready-to-go pre-conditioned thermal shippers, set at the exact temperature your pack out instructions calls for. You no longer have to assemble, handle or store your frozen or refrigerated gel packs. Just leave it to us to deliver your packaging every morning, with frozen or refrigerated gel packs already added to your Vericoolers just hours before. Our process eliminates the time and energy of assembling packaging. All you need to do is add your product and ship it to your customer.

Keep products safe from packing to receipt with Vericoolers

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