We use renewable raw materials that allow the planet and your business to thrive.

For the pharmaceutical and health industries, patented Vericoolers are the perfect cold chain shipping option. Vericoolers are durable, reliable, low-cost, and sustainable packaging that protect medicines, vaccines and biologicals while dramatically reducing the industry's environmental footprint.

For the fast-growth food kit and meal delivery subscription industry, now companies can ensure the safety of customer orders in a way that makes both financial and environmental sense. There is no reason to risk the health of your customers by shipping meals in unproven and unsafe packages.

Reducing Your Company's Environmental Footprint With Every Package Shipped

Vericoolers improve the health and well-being of people and our planet.

  • Affordable
  • Performs as well as Styrofoam, without harming the planet
  • Made with renewable raw materials
  • Utilize corrugated, recyclable containers
  • Eliminate manufacturing waste with unique individual insulating beads
  • Better meet end of life issues and zero waste goals by significantly reducing waste in landfills and incinerators
  • Do not require HC, HCFC, pentane or steam for manufacturing
  • Reduce temperature edge loss and will not crack or split, offering increased thermal and transit protection
  • Insulation beads with enclosure bags meet US ASTM D6400 and European specification EN 13432, which require degradation in 180 days or less

Bottom Line:

With Vericool, you'll make it clear to your customers, stockholders, environmental and government organizations that your company is committed to reducing environmental impact, sustainability, and life cycle to end of life management.

The Effects of Styrofoam On Our Environment

For 60 years, Styrofoam has made it cheap and easy to keep our food cold and our beverages hot, but that convenience comes with a dangerous price. According to published reports:

  • Styrofoam is not biodegradable and is hard to recycle
  • It's clogging our landfills and our marine habitats
  • With continued use, it will kill fish, wildlife and jeopardize our well-being for another 500 years

(EPS) Styrofoam is unsustainable, unsafe, and definitely uncool.

Let your products be your legacy - not your packaging pollution.