“Second Chance” Team from Vericool to Support 150+ Richmond Single-Parent Families Affected by Incarceration, Drugs or Abuse for Christmas

Environment Friendly Start-up Launched by Richmond Native to Host First Annual Vericool Christmas Event, Providing Meals and Gifts

LIVERMORE, Calif.— (December 3, 2018) The holidays can prove challenging to any family. But for those single-parent families affected by incarceration, drug abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse, meeting the social and financial expectations set by this time of year can be very stressful, if not nearly impossible.

Growing up in a household impacted by drugs, physical and sexual abuse, the founder and CEO of Vericool found himself and his sisters being raised by a single mother. Darrell Jobe, the inventor of the first fully recyclable and compostable coolers – Vericoolers® – knows this struggle firsthand. As part of his personal commitment to his home community of Richmond, California, his company, which includes many formerly incarcerated individuals, is hosting its first annual Vericool Christmas event in Richmond. The Vericool Christmas will support 150+ local single-parent families overcoming the challenges of incarceration, drugs, physical/sexual abuse or just hard times, with a complete family Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and the choice of a ham or turkey, and last, but not least, a present up to $25 per child from their Christmas list.

“Holidays don’t bring joy for all families; in fact they bring stress to families and children already dealing with some of the worst situations imaginable. My family struggled when I was young – back to school and Christmas were those two times of the year I dreaded knowing we had very little and my mother struggled to make do. The entire Vericool team is committed to creating good opportunities for each other at work and for members of our extended community,” said Darrell Jobe, CEO and founder of Livermore-based Vericool. “We are very excited to work with Antwon Cloird and Soulful Softball Sundays to provide dinners and gifts for 150+ families.”
Vericool is partnering with Antwon Cloird and Soulful Softball Sunday, a local area organization that works with the Richmond community. The 150+ families have been identified by the organization and will receive the complete dinners and presents at Independent Community Church, 605 S 16th St, Richmond, Ca 94804 on December 23rd.

“It is heartening to see Richmond natives find success and continue to give back to their community” said Antwon Cloird, founder and director of Men and Women of Purpose. “We are pleased to partner with Vericool to put on this Christmas event, providing families and children with a Christmas meal and gifts, providing some much-needed holiday cheer.”

As a company, Vericool has worked to ease prison recidivism in the surrounding community by fostering a second chance program to offer former inmates well-paid jobs, by leveraging networks that share a similar vision such as Defy Ventures, and by working with prisons to reach individuals prior to release.

Vericool, Inc. is generously asking for support for its first annual Vericool Christmas for so many families in need. This time is about giving to those less fortunate. Please support us in raising $19,000 by Dec 15th. Please mail your donations to 7066 Las Positas Suite C, Livermore CA 94551, or email us at info@vericoolpackaging.com or call the office at 925-337-0808 and ask for Tina.

As creators of sustainable Vericoolers®, Vericool also provides a second chance to the environment by preventing the landfill, ocean and waterway waste that comes with use of EPS (commonly referred to as Styrofoam®) coolers, which are difficult to recycle and take at least five centuries to decompose, according to experts.

About Vericool, Inc.

Based in Livermore, Calif., Vericool delivers sustainable coolers that protects products, people and the planet. Made from renewable and post-consumer materials and compostable insulation that meet US ASTM D6400 and home compost standard, Vericoolers® are the safest replacement for EPS (commonly referred to as Styrofoam®). Patented and patent-pending Vericoolers are cost-effective and reliable, ensuring that food, medicines and other temperature sensitive products stay cool from packaging to receipt. Customizable and high-performing, Vericoolers can perform to customer-defined ASTM and ISTA standards. Vericool is all about delivering second chances for people and companies to do the right thing for the planet. Those that get it—Vericooler it.

To learn more about Vericool Packaging, visit http://www.vericoolpackaging.com or follow the company on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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