Vericool Signs Multi-Year Contract as Green Packaging Partner of Innovative Baby Food, Meal Delivery Service Raised Real

Raised Real’s Monthly Subscription Service Will Deliver All Meals in Vericool’s Signature Sustainable Packaging Vericooler III

Vericool Founder and CEO Darrell Jobe with a Vericooler III customized for Raised Real. The Vericooler III is the only cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and high-performing thermal packaging solution on the market today.

LIVERMORE, Calif.―(January 31, 2018) Today, Vericool, makers of the only 100 percent compostable and recyclable thermal packaging, announced a multi-year, multi-million-dollar contract with Raised Real, the subscription-based, meal delivery service created specifically for growing babies and young children. This month, Raised Real will start shipping its organic, nutritious and fresh meals in the world’s most reliable and sustainable packaging—the Vericooler III.
“The Vericooler III is the only cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and high-performing thermal packaging solution on the market today,” said Darrell Jobe, CEO of Vericool. “Our packaging provides Raised Real a very cool and safe way to nutritiously feed future generations and protect the environment, too.”
Vericool’s low-cost Vericooler III is proven to keep food products cold from packaging to receipt while at the same time significantly reducing landfill waste. The innovative packaging is moisture-resistant and has a molded design that virtually eliminates thermal edge loss, reducing the amount of required coolant and total packed weight. Plus, the packaging takes the guesswork out of disposal—it’s made from post-consumer plant fiber, making it Recyclapostable™ (100 percent curbside recyclable and compostable).

Raised Real has become a favorite of moms because it takes the work out of from-scratch, homemade cooking for babies and young children by eliminating the challenges of thinking about nutrition, prep and mess. The brand assembles organically-sourced, nutritionally complete, pre-portioned meals and flash freezes them to secure peak nutrition. Their meals are delivered to Raised Real members every two weeks.

"At Raised Real, we want our packaging to reflect our values of sustainability and quality," says Santiago Merea, CEO of Raised Real. "The kids we are feeding today are the ones inheriting this world - and it is our responsibility to do our part. It is why our team sought out a partner like Vericool; we wanted to ensure our deliveries were safe, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly. With Vericool, our baby food deliveries will give consumers the ease and convenience of a meal delivery service, without the worry of creating additional waste."

Vericoolers are not just a product, it’s a second chance movement—a very cool way to improve the health and well-being of people and our planet through packaging.
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About Raised Real
Raised Real is a first-in-class, innovative baby food delivery solution for busy parents looking for nutritionally-balanced meals designed for your growing baby. Raised Real baby food comes in pre-portioned, ready to steam and blend packages, with every recipe developed and tested by a PhD and registered dietitian. Each Raised Real meal is made with superfood ingredients sourced from organic and sustainable farms, delivered directly to your door. Raised Real empowers parents to make nutritious, healthy baby food at less than $5 per meal, without the mess and long prep times. Raised Real is available nationally.

To learn more about Vericool and the company’s Vericooler III, visit the company’s YouTube channel.

About Vericool, Inc.

Based in Livermore, Calif., Vericool delivers sustainable packaging that protects products, people and the planet. Recyclapostable™ Vericoolers® are the only high performing 100% compostable insulation and recyclable cold chain packaging in the market, making them the safest replacement for EPS/Styrofoam. Patented and patent-pending Vericoolers are cost-effective and reliable, ensuring that food, medicines and other temperature sensitive products stay cool from packaging to receipt. Customizable and high-performing, Vericoolers can perform to customer-defined ASTM and ISTA standards.

Vericool is all about delivering second chances for people and companies to do the right thing for the planet. Those that get it—Vericooler it.

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