Who is Vericool and what is a Vericooler

Vericool, Inc. (VC) is disrupting the temperature controlled packaging industry by offering a paradigm-shifting environmental solution.

VC provides a proprietary green technology solution that leaves zero impact on the environment unlike the alternative solution that is devastating our global landscape. The mission of Vericool is to eliminate Styrofoam (EPS) usage in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, fish, and food delivery industries. Vericool was founded by temperature controlled packaging experts in response to customer request for recyclable and better yet, compostable, shipping alternatives to EPS, commonly known as Styrofoam®.

The temperature controlled packaging industry has long relied on shippers or containers made out of EPS because they are cost effective and have good thermal performance. However, as the extreme EPS dangers to life, health, and the environment have become widely recognized, the industry has searched for viable alternatives. Until now, there have been many failed attempts to produce a comparable alternative that is cost effective.

After 5 years of research and development, Vericool has broken that barrier with a solution that is thermally superior yet as cost efficient as EPS while securing this revolutionary green technology with several patents and additional patent filings.

The Vericool headquarters (offices & production facility) is in Livermore, CA, and with aggressive plans and resources to rapidly grow into the Chicago, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, Colorado, and other environmentally responsible markets.

The Vericooler® is Vericool’s first product to market on our road map. The Vericooler is a temperature controlled packaging solution designed to be used wherever an EPS shipper or cooler is used today. It consists of cardboard/corrugated, compostable film, starch based insulation and a proprietary manufacturing process.

The Vericooler® meets stringent ISTA 7D testing standards and provides the thermal and protective performance required by the biomedical, pharmaceutical, life science, fish and food delivery industries. This thermal performance has been proven by thousands of chamber tests at multiple laboratories and through extensive validation processes at biomedical, pharmaceutical, and life science companies.

Vericoolers® are the only cost equivalent, high performing, environmentally friendly, Styrofoam cooler replacement in the world.